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Here are a few of the notable changes we have done for this new version..

Headlight delete..... stock headlights were shaved off and a blank panel fabricated to flush the body, sidelights were shaved off, underhood covers were shaved and smoothed out. Custom headlight brackets for the Iron Cross headlights were fabricated.

Hood louvers...... aluminum double row functional louvers were fabricated into the hood and blended to the surface of the hood. contact David

Grille...... an aftermarket grille was shaped and fitted to the body.

Powdercoating..... Phillip from Classic Cycle  applied copper, black and silver powdercoating to the Wheels, front suspension, calipers, front end components, valve covers and the muffler back exhaust system.

Interior panels..... The interior panels were painted black and will be airbrushed this winter.
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